Page Experience Update won’t be massive in start but could become more important over time

By | February 27, 2021

Core web vitals and other signals for page experience

As Danny Sullivan of Google responded on Twitter, when the Page Experience update rolls out, it won’t be a big change. This can increase in terms of important factor over time than with an initial launch. But to begin with, Danny said “it shouldn’t be the case that overnight, we flip some type of switch and there’s a massive change. That’s not typically how rollouts of this nature (such as speed, mobile-friendly) have worked. And also that things tend to be relative…”.

Page Experience Update is going to be rolled out in May 2021 and will join the hundreds of ranking signals that Google considers when generating the search results. To provide a holistic picture of page experience, existing signals for page experience (Mobile-friendly, Safe-browsing, HTTPS, No intrusive interstitials) will be combined with signals derived from Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS).

Danny added “So with page experience, it could become a more important factor over time than with an initial launch as a great page experience becomes more common to pages. But also, and as we’ve kept saying, it’s one of many factors”.

Denny’s responses on Twitter-

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